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Business Security

Customise A Security
Solution For Your Business

Your business isn’t just your business. It’s your passion,
Your way of life. It’s also a livelihood for you and your employees. We can tailor a security solution to help protect it.

Business Security Australia

The threat to your livelihood is greater today than it has ever been in the past. Regardless of if you run a retail establishment or office, the potential for loss and theft is real. Malibu Security Doors & Screens  can help. The team offers some features and benefits that other security companies just can’t compete.

If you contact our commercial security service for your business security needs, some of the services we provide include:

  1. Retail loss prevention
  2. Lobby security
  3. Construction site security
  4. Access control and security
  5. Concierge services
  6. Liabilities and asset search
  7. Commercial security
  8. Building security plan
  9. Restaurant security

High-Performance Solutions

Malibu security

We Do Not Compromise On The MESH

We deliver 316 marine grade meshtec stainless steel for high security solution to
Malibu security

We Do Not Compromise On The FRAME

The Frame for Door and Windows are highly protect
Locking Mechanism

We Do Not Compromise On The LOCKING MECHANISM

We deliver updated technology in locking mechanism to protect
Malibu security


We have tested real attack on the products that
Malibu security

We Have Simulated KNIFE ATTACKS

Our products are tested real life knife attack before
Malibu security

We Have Simulated KICK ATTACKS

Our specially designed products are protected from Kick attacks. We have tested the